for my beautiful hunky super sexy duckling

Anorexia day 1

I’m getting

f             a               t

lame sauce

friends are SO overrated

so you can get good sweep

i wanted to
text you but
you’re fast asweep and
didn’t wanna wake

just wanted
to say:

i love you

i want to move on with my life and get married and pop out babies and live happily ever after


My Matt

My Matt is the most caring person in the world.

Not only does he have a heart so big that it’s impossible for me to wrap my arms around, but he saves that heart for me.


And sometimes we fight. But he never falters in his love for me and stays by my side through and through.

And God, I am so lucky to have him.

I have no patience for selfish bitches

I still don’t understand how inconsiderate friends can be. I feel violated by betrayal and the lack of trust. How dare they add on to the sadness of my day by being so ignorant?

None of this would’ve been a problem if they assumed and trusted that I had a good reason to do what played out. Really, did they think I was just stupid?

Selfish little bitches.

In all honesty, people suck ass. Even friends.


I’m not being heard

And I don’t know why

I think we should all realize that if you truly love someone, you should work on the problems that you face with them, and try your best to fix it. Because you can. It doesn’t matter how impossible it seems; you should be willing to spend forever working on it, until the day you die. If, of course, you truly love the person.

Please, don’t be a coward. Don’t give up on love.

some other time

i was going to write
a list of what
i like about you because
we haven’t complimented
each other lately

then i got tired